H+ (2018)

Transhumanism (abbreviated as H+) is an international intellectual movement that aims to transform the human condition by developing and making widely available sophisticated technologies to enhance human intellect and physiology.
Matthieu Gafsou’s H+ series explores transhumanism and all kinds of body modification or enhancement: Artificial limbs, exoskeletons, implants, neuroprosthetics, Quantified Self gadgets, nootropics, dietary supplements, anti-ageing, biopower, body hacking, genetic engineering, body preservation. The series mixes documentary approach and allegorical visions and reveals the presence of transhumanistic ideas in our lives.

Edited by Kehrer (English)
and by Actes Sud (French)
Design: Martin Lutz (Kehrer)
21,4 x 26,5 cm / 152 pages
79 color ills.
ISBN 978-3-86828-843-82018

Edited by Kehrer Verlag
Design: Nanni Goebel
23 x 29 cm / 104 pages
55 color illustrations
English, French

Only God Can Judge Me (2014)

Inspired by the writings of Antonin Artaud and William T. Vollman, Matthieu Gafsou seeks to «find poetry in the misery of the world». He chose as his subject the Lausanne drug scene, «a tragic form of exoticism next door», and managed to create an original work on an otherwise trivialized subject. The project assembles several themes tackled through distinct formal registers. By developing a rich and varied visual language mixing different levels of representation and interpretation, Matthieu Gafsou manages to create a genuine sense experience.

Edited by IdPure
Design: Raphael Verona (IdPure)
24 x 28 cm
96 pages
45 color illustrations
English, French, German


Sacré (2012)

Inevitably, this series suggest Catholicism is a male religion, and then only when they have reached a canonical age. It suggests that this is a faith deserted by its troupes, despite the child’s baptism, its confessionals awaiting clients, that it has no contact with the outside world (…) It also seems that the faith exists only in the past, that it is no longer transmitted: there are no images of catechism or predication, no assemblies of God’s people, with its primary population of non-clerics. Some photographs show church interiors in twilight, void not only of worshippers but also of chairs… The only living things (for the time being) are the flowers in their vases; Catholicism as a curled-up, crippled thing.
(François Boespflug, extract)

Edited by 19/80 Editions
Design: Jad Hussein
29,6 x 26 cm
112 pages
50 color illustrations
English, French


Alpes (2012)

The mountains are a place of magnificent landscapes. Matthieu Gafsou focused on Swiss Alps in summertime, and, viewing his photographs, one can imagine him striding along summits with his material, continuing the representation of nature work which was started centuries ago, the Grand Tour, Friedrich, Turner. But, while the viewer travels all over the glaciers, the lakes and the peaks without any effort, some characters appear on the pictures, disturbing his contemplation : there is 10 people around on the top, and even more at the high altitude restaurant. Matthieu is trying to express something else while showing these tourists and installation, in such inaccessible places The viewer may smile, uncomfortably, seeing that sublime object of our fascination exposed like a fish on the end of an amateur fisherman.  

Edited by Actes Sud
Design: Raphaëlle Pinoncély
22,7 x 28,6 cm / 102 pages
44 color illustrations
English, French

Surfaces (2012)

Matthieu Gafsou seeks coherence in the incoherence of a country, Tunisia, whence “Surfaces”, a series of photographs. Torn between the yearning for Western modernity and comfort and the use of a traditional style habitat, the buildings and urban areas he photographs tell tales of façades and environments with carefully managed exoticism. The contradictory phenomena that requires, under the smooth layers of a maintained and fantasised reality, are also the possible refl ection of an incapability of representing the world. Both the gaze and the yearning aim to transform, to re-create places rich in illusions.