Prix de Lausanne (2016)

I had the great luck to be given a carte blanche by the famous Prix de Lausanne for it’s 2016 edition. For this project I was assited by the very talented Etienne Malapert

The Prix de Lausanne, an international competition for young dancers, is open to young dancers of all nationalities aged 15 to 18 who are not yet professionals. Its mission is to reveal the potential of exceptionally talented young dancers (ages 15 to 18) from around the globe by having them perform before a jury of world-renowned dance personalitie

The prize opens the doors to the world’s finest schools and companies for the dancers by providing scholarships to the most prestigious international schools and companies. It also promote their scholastic education (a dancer’s career is short-lived: from about age 18 to 38) by ensuring that they earn a high school diploma which will facilitate their career transition.

The Prix de Lausanne works on preserving the dancer's health by applying a strict health policy: eating habits and body mass index are scrutinised before the competition.